What is NISEKO Pay?

NISEKO Pay is an electronic currency that can be used exclusively in the Kutchan/Hirafu are.
You can make cashless payments by downloading the smartphone app and scanning the QR codes at participating shops.
Eliminate the hassle of carrying cash at ski resorts by using this app at Niseko Mountain Resort Grand Hirafu and other restaurants and establishments in the area!

Cashless payment

Exclusive to the Kutchan/Hirafu area

Can be used at participating shops in the area.
There may even be special benefits you can get by using NISEKO Pay!


Quick and easy payments by just scanning with your smartphone

Use the smartphone app to make payments quickly and easily.
No need to carry cash at shops or ski resorts!



Install the NISEKO Pay app


Load coins onto your app


Pay by scanning the QR codes at shops

How-to video
*Usage demonstration
(video 05:14~)

Note on using the app

Coin validity period

Coins are valid until
April, 302020.

*Handling of coins beyond the validity period

Please note that as a general rule no refunds will be issued for any coin balances that remain beyond the validity period.

Load limits

  • ・The maximum load balance is
  • ・You can load up to ¥50,000 by credit card at one time
  • ・You can load up to ¥30,000 by cash at one time


What happens to my coins after the validity period (April 30, 2020) ends?
You will become unable to use any remaining coins, and as a general rule no refunds will be issued.
Please use all of your coins by then.
Where can I use NISEKO Pay?
Click here for a list of participating shops where you can use NISEKO Pay.
What should I do if I enter the wrong amount when making a payment?
If you enter the wrong amount when making a payment, you can cancel the payment and then follow the shop staff’s instructions to re-enter the correct amount.
How can I load coins?
You can load coins onto your NISEKO Pay account by using cash or credit cards.
If loading with a credit card, please enter your credit card information on the app and load coins onto your account.
If loading with cash, please speak to the staff at the reception desk at Hotel Niseko Alpen.

Download the app here